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Mail Order Russian Bride Slut Training Featuring: Svetlanna
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Hubby Joe brought over his beautiful big tit blonde wife Svetlanna to Dirty D's. She was chosen out of a mail order bride catalog straight from Mother Russia! Svetlanna loves America but particularly the wide variety of cocks that reside here. Joe sends her out often to pick up other guys and watch them fuck her tight Russian pussy! Dirty D wastes no time getting her naked and on his dick. Svetlanna gags on D's cock and slides her cunt around it next. She adores every minute of getting fucked by Dirty D while her horny hubby watches. A big nasty creampie is blasted inside of her and hubby Joe cant wait to suck it right out of her! There is certainly some hot Russian Collusion going on at Dirty D's Den of Debauchery tonight!

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Julia Gets Anal Slut Training Featuring: Julia
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Julia's husband Dave loves to send her our to pickup random guys. He lets her go without her wedding ring to make it extra easy for her. Tonight Dave send Julia to Dirty D for a little slut training. Sure, Julia is slutty, but Dave wants more. Dirty D tells her she damn sure came to the right place! D shoves her dick in every one of Julia's tight holes, including her ass! She gets a proper Anal Intervention and leaves with a huge sperm facial to show her hubby. This is one night Julia and Dave will never forget...and neither will her asshole.

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Jamie Trophy Wife Anal Tag Team Featuring: Jamie
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Jamie is a trophy wife that is living the high life at country club cocktail socials. Her husband Tom is retired and Jamie is in her sexual prime so, she is becoming more than he can handle. Tom sends his trophy wife Jamie to Dirty D for some slut training. Dirty D is going to introduce Jamie to the socially uncivilized side of life. Dirty D starts with testing Jamie's oral skills and then has her ride his cock. Dirty D has a surprise for Jamie when his buddy arrives and joins in tag teaming her. Dirty D kicks the slut training up a notch by drilling Jamie's ass with his hard cock. Dirty D tags in his buddy letting him bang Jamie's hot ass. Jamie shows what a true slut she is when she sucks cock straight from her asshole for some ass to mouth. The guys finish by having Jaime swallow two cum loads on her knees. Watch to see Jaime earn her three hole slut wife certification!

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